Sunday, November 22, 2009

Seashells and Rock

Looking for a Feather
Oil on Linen 6" x 6"

A little painting this week with some little objects.  Perhaps it could use a wee feather in the front left section? The larger shell is from the Queen Charlotte Islands. 

I am moving my studio this week so won't be painting for awhile. No postings for about two weeks. I'll be back online as soon as I can; I don't want to stop painting for long!

The book I'm reading this week:  Clapton - The Autobiography


  1. This is really beautiful Shelley! I am partial to sea shells myself. The colors in this are stunning!

  2. Moving a studio is a whole lot like work! Whenever we entertain the idea of moving to a new house that is the first thing I think of - about the last time we did that - whew! So my thoughts are with you on that one. This is a lovely painting and the color is terrific. Whenever you post a new work Ann, my daughter and I stand around and look it over and discuss it - so I can tell you that my daughter really likes this piece as much as do we.

  3. Hello Ann and Gary! Nice to hear from you. And how touching that you get together and look at my new work. That is so nice to hear.

    About the move, the good news is that the move is from a small room into a big room, all in the same house. And the big room will have some decent shelving!