Monday, December 14, 2009

From My Sketchbook

Wooden Plate of Shells and Rocks
Pencil on Paper 7 x 8 inches

Without having my paints accessible this month, I made my  motto "Have Sketchbook, Will Travel".  Now how did that old gem pop into my head?  Three shells go out to the first person that names the obscure source I am mimicking.  Beware, you will reveal that you are over forty if you answer.

More seriously now.....

I keep a flat wooden plate on our coffee table for saving things that I bring home from vacations.  The items remind me of places I've been: climbing on the rocks by the sea outside Capetown (near Melkbosstrand, Liz), walking on the beach at Tofino, trekking over the tundra in Iqaluit and swimming in the churning waves of Puerto Vallarta, on my own, the only gringo foolish enough or brave enough.  A woman from Mexico City finally joined me in the water and said to me, in broken English, "Gracias, you help me be brave to swim in waves."  We really weren't in very deep but you couldn't tell that from the shore.  The biggest problem?  Not stingrays. Not sharks. Not a riptide.  Twas the crashing waves that churned up the coarse sand and deposited it into bathing suits. 

P.S.  For those of you who know that I love feathers, you may have wondered why there are none on this plate which is obviously full of things from nature.  Roxie, the cat, likes to pretend any feathers within her reach are still part of a bird and she chews them to smithereens. 


  1. So I think the reference is,"have gun, will travel..." but I couldn't tell you if this comes from TV, movie, novel, etc. And oh yes, I accepted the fact that I'm over forty long (long) ago. I think my family all collects objects and keep them in various collections throughout the house, gardens and in the van. It strongly contributes to a sense of place. Great idea drawing them - not an easy task - but a beautiful drawing here!

  2. You are right about the reference. And the source is a TV show called Palladin. I had to Google it. My sister emailed me the answer about 15 minutes before you and she boldly demanded the prize. Hah! (really, I don't think either of you want 3 shells)

    Thanks for your comment on the drawing and your encouragement to post drawings. This morning I worked on drawing a Beetle... I can't believe how many are in Mexico City. I am being tested with perspective on the wheels. Jeesh.

  3. i used to sketch my Wee Guy when he was asleep - great moments of peace! he doesn't sleep much now but he's out of the house more. you've inpisred me to dig out my sketch book again!

  4. Hi A! Nice to get your note. I didn't know you are sketchy. Wee Guy must be less wee now.