Sunday, November 01, 2009

Red Pear and Feather

Oil on Wood Panel  6" x 6"

Here is a small painting from this weekend, the smallest I've done.  It was also an experiment to paint on a wooden panel, and I found that I really like the firmness of the surface.

Unfortunately, when I photographed the painting to post it, I found it difficult to capture the subtle nuances in the red colour.  The painting looks even better in real life. Honest.

This is a shot of my studio setup, now you can see where all the magic happens :-)  !
Much credit goes to The Carder Method for my setup.

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  1. Hi Mom,
    I love it!!

  2. I think the reds look jolly good Shelley! Gosh, but it is small when looking at it on your easel - I can't seem to do paintings that small.

  3. This is a gorgeous painting! They always look better in real life, so I am sure it is stunning in real life too :-)

    I came here via my hubby's blog, Garynem Art, and really enjoyed seeing all of your work here as well as reading your posts. I know I will be back!

  4. Thanks, Anna, talk to you soon. - Mom

    Hello Liz - Yes, it is very small. They go so fast when they are small!

    Hi Ann - welcome, nice to meet you. Gary and I swap comments regularly Thanks for your comment!

  5. I think I heard my name. I'm glad that Ann found you Shelley - I've told her about your work. I can see the nuances in the red. (Photography never does a painting justice - that's why I tell students that they have to experience work live). Painting on this scale done so well makes them a real gem.

  6. Gary - I'm glad she found me too! Your family now constitutes my largest fan-base, outside of my own immediate family and friends. Thanks for the ongoing votes of confidence.

  7. love doesn't look like a looks real..very nice..:)
    -myra(telus tech)

  8. Hi Shelley,

    I'm enjoying reading your website--your wonderful work and listen to your words of wisdom.

    I'd like to following your site. Sorry, I'm such a little squirrel when it comes to figuring out computer things. It usually is something terrible simple, but I haven't figured it out yet.

    Mrs. D (Linda)

  9. Really love your site Shelley. It's so interesting. And of course I am impressed by your painting. It looks like you had used one of the flemish techniques. You did the Carder method justice here. Wonderful work and interesting blog.

    Take care, Anderson