Sunday, November 08, 2009

Pansies for Mom

Acrylic on Wood Panel 6" x 6"

Another small painting - this one is a present for my Mom. Pansies are something she always appreciated. Even if she doesn't remember that she used to like them, maybe she will like them anew!

The small wood panel is 1.5" deep so it will free-stand on a shelf or a night table.  I like that the resulting painting is so 'usable' for someone with limited space or without the option of banging nails into the wall.  And these small ones are a joy to paint because they are finished so quickly.  Given my precious time (as noted extensively in a previous posting, sorry if I'm going on and on) small is ideal for me. 


  1. So I said, Pansies, why have I never attempted them before? Ann says I'm sending you a picture I took at that place where we looked for pumpkins. I love that you are painting for your mom. I did paintings periodically for my mom since I was a kid (she was the one I would always go to for support). Since she is gone those works that I have stolen back secretly have become very important to me and have become part of my special studio shrine to her that I have going in my studio. Your painting on this size panel becomes an object - like you could even stack them side by side in ever changing arrangements - like hand-painted tiles. Beautiful painting as usual, nice surface.

  2. Hi Gary - Nice to hear about your Mom and how you remember her. I was a potter in a previous life and got back some of my pottery from my Mom and my ex-mother-in-law. Amazing how those things last.

    Pansies...I found out why you may not want to attempt pansies. They look flat. Mine look flat, photos look flat, even the real things look sort of flat! A photographer friend of mine confirmed that; he cannot get a great shot of pansies for that very reason - they always look flat.

  3. Hi Mom,

    If pansies ARE flat, then they should look flat! So, a success. :) And, I actually don't think they look TOO flat in the painting... they look subtle and gentle... like pansies do, waiting for rain, waiting for sun--the slow, patient, flat life of a pansy. They look wide-eyed, just blinking and observing, blinking of observing, and then waiting for more rain. I think it's perfect. And I really like the greens in behind.


  4. Your mom can't help but like this Shelley - it's lovely!