Tuesday, August 25, 2009

River Mouth and Frobisher Bay

Acrylic on Canvas Board 9"x12"

Aaaah - another day in Sylvia Grennell Regional Park. This landscape was tough to simplify and in the end, I am not sure if I simplified it enough.

The book I am reading this week has been very helpful for my adventure in landscape painting:  Plein Air Painting in Watercolor & Oil by Frank LaLumia. Well-laid out and informative for the budding outdoor painter. The author speaks of the three S’s of plein air painting: see it, simplify it, state it. That was my mantra this week as I wandered the hills of the tundra searching for the perfect composition. If I had run into any other humans, they may have wondered about all my muttering and squinting (an artist’s technique to help simplify the scene).

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  1. Having stood with you looking over the mouth of this river valley, I am delighted with how well you've captured the feel of the place. Photos don't do it justice, but, you do.