Saturday, August 08, 2009

Plate, Bottle, Bowl

Oil on Linen 11 x 14

This painting took me about a week of evenings plus the weekend to complete. I am surprised how wonky the plate looks through the bottle! That only came clearer to me as I carefully painted the details of it. The plate is special - it is one of the few left from a set given to me by my daughters on Mother's Day years ago. They woke me up and took me to the kitchen where breakfast was laid out on the table with a new set of dishes and cutlery with blue handles.


  1. the first glance i didnot think this is a painting..looks so real. i know nothing about painting but i can say you are very very good at it.
    i liked this and the wine glass and ear rings
    keep painting....

  2. I really love this one, especially the wobbliness through the bottle. Great detail.

  3. Love this one!