Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Inspired by a Book

Book Review

In Praise of Painting by Robert Genn
Merritt Publishing Company Limited, 1981

If you have a passion for doing something and want to make it your life, then I recommend you read In Praise of Painting by Robert Genn. You may know Genn as a prominent Canadian painter or from his bi-weekly newsletter The Painters' Keys with his friendly, insightful letters on various current topics related to painting, art, creativity and life.

In Praise of Painting, first published in 1981, tells of Genn's life as a painter and it soon becomes obvious why he is successful. He conveys his work ethic and his constant committment to what he loves. He writes of his work schedule -- 9 AM to 10 PM seven days a week -- with breaks for meals, family time and some social visits. He writes of being prepared, at any moment, to paint by carrying his equiment with him all the time to take advantage of the light or the view or a perfect scene when it arises. It is an inspiring, enjoyable easy read.

I am attending a workshop by Genn in October and am happy that I know a bit more about him from reading his book. I have a great respect for his achievements and his committment to painting.

Favourite quote from the book:
"If you maintain flexibility you can discover some surprising things in unexpected moments."

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