Friday, January 28, 2011

Thanks for the Input

Ice Crystals on the Inner Surface of the Window Pane
Yellowknife, North West Territories

Based on your feedback, I realize that I may have come across as a touch desperate in my last posting. I admit, I was floundering. But I want you to know I am OK and that your responses helped me. 

I received suggestions and encouragement by email, in person, and seemingly transmitted by cosmic rays from the universe. Thank you everyone, I appreciate each word you wrote and spoke to me. And, like an ice jam breaking in spring thaw, the river of creativity is again flowing.

Some of Your Tips 
  • Take things one day at a time
  • Put the problem out to the universe (maybe I did by blogging about it)
  • Go back to your outline
  • Interview additional people
  • Take a break, the words will come when the time is right
  • Use index cards to make a visual, movable plan, like a mind-map
  • Visit the original source of inspiration - person or place

The hot tips that thawed the jam for me: an I-can-do-it attitude adjustment, a visual map and making a plan for more interviews. By the way, I can tolerate ice jams and cold, as proven by my photo on the right, which I took in Yellowknife on a beyond-cold January afternoon. But I really do prefer the warmth.

What a boost to know you are all rooting for me. That truly warmed me.


  1. Hi Shelly. I see you are really keeping with the weather with these two photo posts. Love it. The frosted window just goes to show how much beauty there is in every situation. Cold or not. Hang on. Spring will come [unless you are in Wyoming where we never have such a thing.] LOL

  2. Glad you're keeping your head up! What a lovely pattern that ice makes, but as for that temp guage - down here just put a plus in front of that number - that's what we're having!