Friday, April 29, 2011

Thumbs Up

Drawing from my Sketchbook

Lately, I've been drawing when I need a break from my writing routine. And on Tuesday nights I attend a life drawing session. I'm hesitant to post those drawings, as they might seem unsuitable if taken out of context. For the non-artists reading this - the models in life drawing are nude. Posting bare naked body parts online. Could be dodgy.

Drawing the models hands and feet seems to challenge me so I'm practicing in my sketchbook. This upbeat pose that I've posted makes me smile each time I see it. I've had my sketchbook propped open on this page and sitting nearby me for the past couple of days. Each time I see the encouraging hand signal, I giggle. So far, it keeps surprising me. Two days of surprise. I'm like a gold fish, forgetting that I've already seen that part of my fish bowl. Oh, the little joys of life.

PS.I'm writing fulltime now, having shrugged off the mantle of a nine to five routine. Drawing fills in the gaps when my writing brain needs a break. Painting will be back on the radar once the first round of the book is off to the editor. Happy, happy.

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