Saturday, January 01, 2011

Magic Glasses on the High-Line

Anna in the Highline Tunnel
Pencil on paper, 8 x 10

This profile drawing of my older daughter, Anna, is based on a photo taken by my younger daughter. The three of us were standing on a tunnel-like path that went under part of a building. Long rays of light streamed in from the end of the tunnel and lit Anna from behind creating a strange reflection on her glasses.

The pathway is part of the High Line, a park built upon an old elevated rail bed in Lower Manhattan. The morning was unusually warm for October and we paused in the shade of the 'tunnel' section to cool off.

The "Tunnel" Under the Building

You can see the 'tunnel' under the building in this photo. If you look closely, on the right, you can also see my daughters sitting on benches made of railway ties. Within minutes, a New Yorker hones in with a pickup line. I happen to be crouched behind some tall grasses with my camera seeking a perfect artistic shot and instead, like a spy-mother, I record this moment. The New Yorker leaves before I get over to the benches.

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