Monday, December 27, 2010

Sharks' Cap

Ian's Favourite Cap
Plain ol' pencil on paper

This portrait of Ian in his favourite cap came together easily probably because his happy face is so familiar. Ian's smile brings to mind some of the childhood stories he has told me.  When he was a wee boy in his birthplace, Arusha, now part of Tanzania, he had a male nanny who taught him to speak Swahili and gave him the nickname Chaloo, meaning "happy one".  Indeed, his pre-school years were happy ones spent playing on the edge of the jungle with his brothers (his sister came along later). As adults, Ian and his brother Mike have an ongoing rivalry about their chosen South African rugby teams: Ian backs the Sharks, Mike, the Bulls. The Sharks cap is part of that whole thing.


  1. This is a good likeness of Chaloo. It really captures his happy personality.

  2. This is my favourite portrait of yours. :-) It looks very natural and effortless. Really like it.