Saturday, July 03, 2010

Train-ing My Hand

Friday Commuter
Pencil in My Sketchbook 5.5" x 8.5"
Because I was feeling the strain of my busy life recently, I decided to get back on board with my surreptitious commuter-train sketches. Drawing provides me with the daily perk I need. This fellow above seemed suspicious of my actions but he said nothing.

One sweet young thing gave me permission to draw her, and in return, I gave her the completed work. She seemed delighted so I signed the work and gave her my blog address. She repeated my name out loud and showed nearby passengers the drawing. It was my stop and as I scurried from the train, I could hear a minor stir amongst the folks. It made me smile all the way home.

Standing offer - if you recognize yourself in one of my train sketches, you can have the drawing.


  1. This guy really looks suspicious of you! Great sketch.

  2. He does look a little scary. Were you just peeking at him or really staring? LOL!