Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Ellen Reading
Pencil on Paper in my Sketchbook 9"x12"

Ellen, my youngest, sat quietly reading a book* that she is reviewing. I was aware that she was aware of me drawing and, accordingly, she sat far more still than she would have otherwise. Normally, she is on the move, an adult version of the child. Even in the womb she was a squirmy, bouncy bundle of energy. None of that showed during the evening drawing session.

*Above the Pavement - The Farm! Architecture and Agriculture at PF1
by Amale Andraos & Dan Wood (Princeton Architectural Press, 2010)
.....Now do you understand why I didn't include the title on the book cover in my drawing?


  1. This is wonderful Shelley! And she is really beautiful. Makes a great model!

  2. There's something really warm about well rendered graphite. Maybe it's just me - that nostalgic feeling for this medium that I grew up and spent countless hours with. You have captured a lovely sense of light - that isn't so easy with graphite. Your feeling for the subject is convincing - beautiful.