Saturday, July 10, 2010

Selective Memory

Self Portrait from Memory
2B Pencil and Blending Stick in Sketchbook
About 8" x 10"

On one of my commutes last week, when there was no one in close vicinity for me to draw, I decided to draw myself from memory. This is a pretty good likeness but when I got home and checked in the mirror to compare my drawing with my reflection, it appeared to me that my memory is a bit selective. For example, I didn't draw wrinkles or sags. Maybe, I was simply remembering how I looked 10 years back.


  1. it is recognisably you though Shelley. Bravo!
    I've been experimenting with blurred images and overexposure to remove my wrinkles!

  2. Ha, that's funny! But what a hard thing to do! I guess I don't really LOOK at myself in the mirror, you know? You did a wonderful job here!

  3. That's still definitely you, Shelley. I think you simply drew how you feel about yourself.

  4. This is a good drawing, Shelley. And an interesting post. It reminds me very much of the Eels lyric - 'I wish I could remember, but my selective memory whon't let me.'

    A great blog, keep up the good work!