Friday, November 04, 2011

Propogating Philodendrons

Oil on Board
8 x 10

The Sailor Jerry rum bottle is fulfilling more than one useful purpose since I rescued it while I was out for a walk. Not only is it the star of my painting, but also, it is a home for philodendron cuttings from a plant that Ellen gave me. I learned a lot doing this painting, including how to spell philodendron (it is NOT a philoden-drum).

I had trouble making the beer bottle appear to sit down. It looks like it is almost floating. Then I noticed that it appears to be floating in the still life setup too. Perhaps the illusion is caused by the unusual location of the shadow of the leaf in front of the bottle, which could be interpreted as the shadow of the bottle. I just may experiment with removing that shadow. Comments and tips from fellow artists or others are welcome.


  1. Well that's got me stumped too Shelley, but it really looks like a floater. Next time put some leaves around the bottom of the bottle to hide it?
    (just kidding)

  2. Hi. I would suggest that you mimick the angle of the shadow on the sailor jerry's bottle. Keep in mind the beer bottle is a lot darker so would have a stronger shadow. If you lighten up the leaf shadow and darken the bottle shadow, the bottle will be anchored. Hope this helps!