Saturday, November 19, 2011

My Toaster

Oil on Canvas 6 x 6

I setup my easel in the kitchen for this painting and observed the toaster in it's natural environment, crumbs and all. Artistic license was taken to leave out the crumbs.

Painting reflected images requires focus. I must concentrate on painting what I really do see and not on what I think I see. The fun comes at the end when a wonky reflection suddenly makes sense on the canvas! 

My Toaster is on auction at Daily Paintworks.


  1. Nicely done, Shelley. Great to see your setup in the challenge photo. I will tackle this challenge too!

  2. I really like the way you handled the reflections.

  3. Hi Shelley, I was sure that I had sent you a note re you painting but it does not look like it.
    I just like to congratulate you on a lovely Toaster painting, it is so well painted, reflections and all.

  4. This is really great Shelley! You got that reflection just perfectly.

  5. Hi Shelley, I've just discovered your blog and happened upon this painting. I just love the composition and colours. You've caught the reflection beautifully and made something beautiful out of the ordinary.