Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Long View

Oil on Canvas 16" x 20"

The pastoral Irish-like landscape in this painting is based on several photos I found browsing Google Images. Keywords: thatch-roof cottages, lush green hills, and grazing sheep.

As I painted this scene, I wanted to instill my feelings and impressions of another coastal view from a glorious evening walk with my daughter, Anna, in Nunavut last August. The summer sunsets in the Canadian Arctic last for hours and that is no exaggeration. That evening, our magical route from Apex into Iqaluit was along a coastline path looking out across Frobisher Bay. Peace seeps into my veins as I recall those hours. This photo of Anna shows where we walked. Although it falls short of capturing the reality it gives a taste to help trigger the mind's eye. 


  1. Wow. Without realizing it, I stared at this for a really long time. The scene is so peaceful and the blues and greens are really pleasing to look at.

  2. This is so very Irish Shelley! Lovely tranquil feeling you've captured with the colours and composition.

  3. Clarissa, What a compliment, to keep staring and not even realize it. I'll bring the painting to the office and you can really stare at it.

    Hi Liz - ah, tranquil was one of the goals. Glad that you feel it.

  4. Love the composition and the soothing color palette you have applied to the painting. Very nice painting overall!

  5. All the colors work so well. It is a beautiful, peaceful painting. I enjoyed reading your heartfelt description of time with your precious daughter.

  6. Hi Jonathon, thanks for the comment. Colour is my everything.

    I was trying to come up with a brilliant metaphor such as colour is "my nectar", my "drug of choice", my "morning coffee"... but, in painting, it is pretty much my everything. Composition and value are just slaves to me for the colour.

    Hi Mrs. D... I follow your building blog regularly. What a job you are doing! Perfection in every detail. I'm glad you connected with my painting and writing.