Sunday, March 07, 2010

Oh What a Feeling

Can I tell you about my joy? It comes to me when I finish creating something: a painting, a drawing, a perfect paragraph. The feeling is so pronounced that I recognize the moment it starts and I notice when it is missing.

This joy is not only a state of mind, it also brings physical sensations. As I write this, the joy permeates my body. I have tingling in my head, up and down my spine, in my torso, hips and shoulders. My chest feels as though it is expanding. The sensations can continue for hours. I feel like dancing - think whirling dervish. When the feeling is missing for too long, I start searching for what to do next to bring it back. I'm getting good at chasing and catching it.

The wave I'm riding today comes from completing a tough writing assignment yesterday. Good forward movement was made on The Biography.  Once again, doubts have given way to optimism.

Yes, I've found my groove, I've located my sweet spot. Whatever words we use for it, that feeling is worth chasing. And the way I can get the feeling is to be creative daily. Do you experience it?  I wonder if others have the same physical sensations from joy.
The drawing here was done in a portrait class at Picard Studios. My main focus was to get a likeness and I'm quite sure if the model's friends stumbled on this blog, they would recognize her face.

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