Friday, October 16, 2009

You Can't Hurry Things

Oil on Canvas Board, 8"x10"

I tried to paint faster this week without a marked difference and am reminded that things just take as long as they take. I arranged the yellow paper, unrolled like a photographer would do. My aim was to create smooth background without a break between the back wall and the table top.  It seemed to cause more issues for me than it solved.

The light green jar was a junk store treasure purchased for its beauty and for no other reason. It held seashells on top of the fridge for a couple of years before it made the cut for a still life. The feathers, well, you know I found them.  I have no shame about stooping to pick up a feather from the ground, just like my Ukranian Bobba had no shame for stooping to pick up a penny or a nickel.  The dark green bowl is something left behind when one of my dear daughters moved out.  There is just the suggestion of my own reflection in the centre of that bowl.

Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Painters are invited make suggestions; I accept not only compliments, but input.

PS I've written about three different posts before this one, full of wisdom about finding my voice as an artist and my ruminations about style.  I left them unfnished, on the metaphorical cutting room floor and instead just wrote about the painting.  That is probably best.


  1. Gosh Shelley, you've caught those reflections beautifully, and if you look closely, you can see you in the vase. Great work.

  2. Maybe it's best Shelley to leave your musings on the cutting room floor - but I like to read them. I love the color as usual along with interesting composing. Like to hear about what problems you mentioned above (none I could see).

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  4. Hi Liz - thanks for looking and for your kind words.

    Hi Gary - the problems that I saw in the painting seem to be diminishing as time passes. I think the objects might sit better about a half inch lower on the canvas. Also, perhaps some improvement on edges could be made.

    Last week, I had a mild case of self-doubt and I hear that in my own words. Your encouragement is greatly appreciated. Likely, my musings about style will surface in another post soon. Hope you had a good trip to the coast with your family.

  5. Great trip - but only a few sketches and started a wc that I did not finish - daughter's BD held priority.