Wednesday, September 23, 2009

On Guard!

Oil on Linen  8" x 10"

Aaaah, colour - I love luscious colour.  The need to experience more colour influenced my choices for this week's still life setup. This is tomato season in BC - they are cheap and plentiful. This beauty was not ripe when I started painting the picture, but is ready to be devoured now.  The plain-jane salt and pepper shakers delight me because they were a souvenir from North Mart in Iqaluit.  And the glass plate... well, I will never paint that again, I've already firmly decided.  I am somewhat cross-eyed from trying to figure out the colours and shapes defining that thing.  It is now destined to be a cat food plate, permanently. 


  1. Hi Mom,
    Looks great! I love the red on orange. Can I have it for Christmas?

  2. Beautiful colour and great composition.

  3. The plate is fine. Any more detail/cnntrast probably would have taken away some attention to other marvelous details such as the reflections of the red in the salt shaker. I think that the knife coming in from the lower left and just overlapping the tomato is bold and dynamic (opposing diagonal in the reflected tomato and stem -and carried through with shadow on right). And of course your color - I look at your blog to get inspired by your use of color throughout.

  4. Oh - and Iqualuit is that in Canada? I lived in Alaska a long time ago but never got north of the Yukon river.

  5. Hi Gary - thanks for your detailed comment. I debated about that knife..I had it in the composition, then out, then back in. The title is intended to add a bit of humour to the tension of the knife comin at that tomato!
    I'm flattered that you use my blog for colour inspiration!
    Yes, Iqaluit is in northern Canada, on Baffin Island in the territory of Nunavut. Not too far south of the Arctic Circle.


  6. I love the colours and the tomato's reflection in the salt shaker. Not to mention the killer knife. I think you did a great job with the plate!