Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sun's Glare on Frobisher Bay

Acrylic on Canvas Board  9 x 12

I setup my easel on a flat spot half way up the side of a very large hill to paint this scene looking out over Frobisher Bay. For those of you in Iqaluit, this is the view from the path going to Apex. The fishing boats were tiny specs out in the distance and there were two young boys hunting for a weasel on the beach below me! The weasel escaped.

I am squeezing in studio time with my work routine this week and hope to finish a new still life for my next posting.

The book I am reading this week is the best instructional art book that I've read:
Problem Solving for Oil Painting – by Gregg Kreutz


  1. This is a stunning seascape Shelley. It looks a bit chilly!! Amazing glow on the sea.

  2. Hi A. Thanks for stopping by.

    Hello Liz, thaks for your kind comments. It was about 15 C. degrees... not too chilly.

  3. simply amazing! i LOVE the colours in the sky.
    thanks for posting.