Thursday, March 29, 2012

Tarnished Pot, Blushing Apple, Drying Lemon Redux

Oil on Canvas Panel
8 x 6
On this journey of learning to paint, I have accumulated many paintings in various stages of success. Stacked in my studio closet, they await judgement in the half-way house between the garbage and the gallery.

This morning, I pulled them out, looking for any gems worth signing and varnishing. The rest will be tossed or painted over.

My old Tarnished Pot painting, first posted in January 2010, didn't deserve to stay but I couldn't give up on it either. (You can see the original below.) Something about it always annoyed me but I couldn't say exactly what. Today, I realized that the background was wrong. With nothing to lose and piles of wet paint already on my pallet, I attacked the painting with abandon.

The only changes I made were to the background and foreground. Removing the horizon lines gave the composition a stronger sense of resolve. The brighter colours in the fruit and the crispness of the objects are due to improvement in my ability to photograph my work.

Original  Version: blurry photo, washed out colours, split background.


  1. Yes it does work better this way!
    But just as interesting are the changes you've made in photographing it between the first and second. How about a post devoted to that?

  2. Sometimes things just work after they've been in a cupboard for a while! Fresh eyes and this is a gem!