Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Friend I Didn't Know I Had

Oil on Canvas, 6 x 8

An online acquaintance, fellow painter, Darla commented on my blog today, kindly remarking on my absence and complimenting me. I was touched and encouraged to post again. Thank you, Darla.

Today's painting is an entry to the Daily PaintWorks White on White Challenge.

My painting activities this year have been primarily figures and faces. Nothing worthy of posting. I wipe off most of my efforts at the end of each three hour session with the model. I'm making progress, but you won't be seeing those for awhile.

PS  Have at me with all your egg jokes.  (Please. I could use a few new ones.)


  1. Welcome back! Just seeing this post brought a smile to my face, Shelley. You did a great job on this challenge. Your painting is wonderful! Love those soft shadows and clear values. Well done!