Friday, July 08, 2011

Bird #2

Yellow Hornbill
Oil on Board 8" x 8 "

Another South African bird today, officially called a Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill.

The painting is based on a photo I took in Kruger National Park. This bird was about a foot long from tip of the beak to the end of the tail. He made me think of Zazu, the yellow hornbill in the musical The Lion King. 

What felt like 15 minutes of painting was really about two hours, an indication of my joyful concentration. Along with the blue starling I painted on Wednesday, the hornbill made a cameo appearance in my video: Three Minute Tour of Kruger Park.


  1. Shelley, this hornbill is gorgeous! I love the details on the wing. Are you planning on painting a series?

  2. Thanks, Nine! It might turn into a series since painting these two birds was so much fun.

  3. This is great Shelley! And I love your Starling.

  4. Thanks Liz. Nice to hear from you again.