Thursday, November 18, 2010

Grateful to Be Fortunate

Picasso and Friends, 6th Floor, Museum of Modern Art

I've been very fortunate this year - lots of travelling, inspiring work, healthy family.  In October, I visted New York City with my daughters. Sharing that adventure with them was priceless. And I love that city, I am quite sure that I could live there. Knishes and borscht at the deli. Theatre, dancing, music. I would spend alternate Sundays at the MOMA and the Met (excuse the name dropping but both were dreamy). Imagine having great art and culture nearby all the time.

A peak experience such as that trip reinforces how blessed I am and reminds me of the importance of helping out people who are less fortunate. This Christmas, we (the staff at my office) are putting together a hamper for a needy family: a single father, who cannot work because of significant health issues, and his two teenage sons whose mother passed away on the rough streets of East Vancouver. One of the boys has FAS. Their home is bare bones, hardly any furniture. They have to visit the foodbank weekly. Despite the hardships, the father works hard to be involved in the boys' school and to teach them about being good members of their community. My heart goes out to them.

Why am I telling you? As a reminder that there is a lot of poverty and pain in our local communities and if we can, we should help. Those two boys are at risk, they have little opportunity for advanced education and will be challenged to find meaningful work that provides a decent living. Life will be an uphill battle for them.

Do forgive me if I'm preaching to the converted. Many of you likely give back to your community already. For today, I'll be a little bird on your shoulder reminding you that there are many people in our country who need a hand to get by.

If you are part of a group that can put together a hamper, you can read here about the Surrogate Santa Project: 
If you can help a little with our hamper, please contact me

We still need a six foot Christmas tree, (we found a tree) lights and decorations
Contributions for a big Christmas dinner (we'll buy a grocery store gift card with any money we receive).
Gift cards for Future Shop, Movies, Pizza Hut, Safeway, Superstore.
The family also needs towels and blankets or comforters.

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