Friday, January 01, 2010

Tarnished Pot, Blushing Apple, Drying Lemon

Oil on Linen Panel  6" x 8"

One small and insignificant reason that I am glad for this new year is because twenty ten is so easy to say after nine years of tongue twisters. I never did hear a good nickname for the years 2001 to 2009.  The Oh-ohs was about the best but I just read that one somewhere last week. 

Oh Nine was a superbly creative year for me.  Over coffee this morning, my better half listened while I reviewed my year. He tried to chime in a few times, but I dug in my heels and held the floor until I was done. That is tough for me to do in the morning because I take a couple of hours to wake up and he is like a chirpy robin from the moment his feet hit the floor.

Well, I won't put you through the same review; that would be just too self-indulgent. I'll just say that I know I am a better painter and a better writer than I was one year ago. I am thankful to all the artists and writers who share their knowledge in books and workshops and blogs. I will always do the same.

And yes, finally after six weeks of home improvements, ta da, my studio is once again operational.  I am painting again!  But, gosh, I forgot how. I eased back into it with this small painting that feels a bit tight and cramped (the painting, not the studio). I am trying to loosen up, sometimes it is just so hard to stop touching up.  I had to quit because I needed the lemon for our salmon at dinner.

Thanks for taking a look, thanks for reading my blog these past few months. Best wishes to each of you for a fulfilling year in 2010 - that is Twenty Ten.  Give your loved ones a hug.


  1. Nah, this painting just feels good to look at it. Looks to me like you haven't skipped a beat. I've really enjoyed finding your blog this past uh-oh year and I look forward very much to seeing what you produce in your new (yeah!) studio this year. If this first painting is any indication I think we all are in for a treat. Happy New Year Shelley and best to your huggables too.

  2. Shelley, your post made me smile. You write really well. You make it sound like knocking off this painting came quickly and easily. Impressive. Happy New Year, Shelley and happy painting. Can't wait to follow along with you as you post your new ones.

  3. Aaah, thanks Gary. I'm sure happy we connected online too! I always look forward to your work and to your comments on my work.

    Susan, howdy! Thanks for the input on my writing. I'm a two-prong creative type: I love writing and painting. For me, it is all about sharing my view of the world with others. I'm looking forward to seeing your first born in the first quarter of the year.

  4. Love your post Shelley - you made me smile! Great little painting, but oh it is so easy to keep going back isn't it!

  5. Love this little painting, particularly the way you got the depth w/in the interior of the lemon - looks really great - your line about your husband being like a chirpy robin makes for a funny visual too - love this.

  6. Hi Liz... I always check out your new work. Have a great painting year.

    Lisa - ha! Maybe I should paint my husband as a robin! Nice to have a new viewer stop by, ta.
    I left a note on your blog.